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    Jan Danielsson Bodsjö Bränna, S-830 15 Duved jannedaniel3@gmail.com  
    Claes-Göran Klockar   Blåsbogatan 2, S-722 15 Västerås info@violinateljen.com www.violinateljen.com
    Peder Källman Amiralitetsgatan 20, 414 65 Göteborg info@pederkallman.se www.pederkallman.se
    Jan Larsson Kyrkbyn 215 Asplunda, S-780 64 Lima violin.janlarsson@telia.com www.violinjanlarsson.se
    Astrid Pullar Bergsgatan 29, S-832 41 Frösön astrid@fiolverkstad.se www.fiolverkstad.se
    Christer Skog Fjordgata 1, N-7014 Trondheim, Norge post@fiolinmakern.com www.fiolinmakern.com
    Anders Norudde Vinbärsvägen 10, S-691 47 Karlskoga anders.norudde@gmail.com  
    Susan Stedman Laxåvägen 12, S-128 44 Bagarmossen stedmancello@hotmail.com  
    Michael Wallmo

    Tegnervägen 5 B, S-802 67 Gävle

    michael@wallmo.com www.thebowstudio.com
    Jan Åslund Daljunkargatan 10, S-791 37 Falun aslund@svit.se  

    S.V.I.T. The Svit´s members Brief history Exhibitions



    In 1982 a four-year professional training course started at Hantverkets Folkhögskola in Leksand, Sweden.
    There had been a shortage of professional violin makers/restorers in Sweden for a long time.
    The most famous international schools in Cremona and Mittenwald (Italy and Germany) served as a model
    for the school. With a view to strengthening the Italian tradition they managed to employ
    Maestro di Liutaio Carlo Bergman from Helsinki. He had been trained in Cremona
    during the Golden era around 1960, by some of the most famous and best known violin makers of that time.

    In order to maintain the Italian stringed instruments trade, keep its tradition, craftsmanship and artistic characteristic,
    we started the association S.V.I.T. (Swedish Violin makers - Italian Tradition)

    The association S.V.I.T. has been awarded with Ragnhild and Einar Lundström's Craft's Scholarship for 1996,
    for the sum of 25.000 :- , and the motive is:

    'The members of S.V.I.T. have in a very concrete way shown that it is possible to establish an unusual craft
    with very highly set standards on craftmanship and business knowledge in our modern and varying industry.
    The members have too, through participation in national and international exhibitions, shown that the quality
    of their work keeps a high international standard and that they have gained confidence as repairers for a large
    number of professional musicians and orchestras.' The foundation Hantverksfrämjandet through Jörgen Nilsson.

    S.V.I.T. The Svit´s members Brief history Exhibitions




    1) Jubilee Exhibition in Stockholm 1996

    In connection with the 10th anniversary of our graduation and the receiving of our Journey mans letter,
    we set up a jubilee exhibition at the Museum of Music in Stockholm. We exhibited 20 new instruments
    built in the modern or the baroque style for contemporary playing. Several concerts were held in connection
    the exhibition, featuring the June Quartet Åsa Jinder, the baroque ensemble Trio Sonnerie and the Harju Quartet.
    A folk music concert was held by Pers Hans and Björn Ståbi.
    The period for this exhebition was 96-10-18 - 96-11-10.

    See some pictures from the exhibition.
    You can send a mail to us for more information about the instruments still for sale.

    2) In connection with our education our apprentice pieces were exhibited
    at the Museum of Music in Stockholm in 1986. At this occasion the Fresk Quartet
    held a concert where they played on the instruments we had built.

    3) An exhibition at Galleri Lejonet, Jan-Febr 1990.
    Concert with the Tale Quartet in the German Church on our exhibit instruments.

    4) Exhibit instruments tour of March-April 1990
    a) Västerås: Town library. Concert with Västerås String Quartet.
    b) Karlstad: County Museum, Folk music concert
    c) Falun: County Museum, Concert with the Midgård ensemble

    Furthermore, individual members of our group have exhibited their instruments
    on different occasions in Sweden and abroad.
    We have for example been represented at the Triennial in Cremona.

    S.V.I.T. The Svits members Brief history Exhibitions

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