Susan Stedman
Laxåvägen 12
S-128 44 Bagarmossen, Sweden
Phone: +46-0705-734098

As a violin maker you can develop in the trade all your life. I never stop being fascinated by that you can create something as beautiful as a string instrument out of some pieces of wood. An instrument must be able to respond to the slightest variation in the way you express yourself. For example, the violin shall be able to convey all the tones and dynamic variations that the musician can imagine inside, to the listeners. A rich resonance in the weakest pianissimo, a strong fortissimo, also in high pitches and with flageolets. In other words, the musician should not feel restricted by the instrument, but freedom of expression. It is here that the violin maker comes into the picture, when he or she helps the musician to become satisfied with the instrument. I myself play the cello and it helps me in my work - as a musician I have had the same problems with the instrument and I can understand and remedy even what the musician has difficult to express in words.

S.V.I.T. Danielsson Klockar Källman Larsson Pullar Skog Norudde Stedman Wallmo Åslund