Christer Skog
Fjordgata 1
N-7010 Trondheim, Norge
Phone/Fax: +47-73-52 93 91

As a violin maker you always encounter new challenges, new problems to solve. You learn something new every day. After ten years in the trade the most important thing still is that this new knowledge is based upon, and balanced against a solid foundation: an education which has found a cure for each disease; an attitude to the trade and its ethics; respect for the instrument, its history and character. This respect sometimes gets in conflict with the client's short term preferences. It is then up to me to suggest the best 'long' term solution together with the client, a solution which takes both the interests of the client and the instrument into consideration. I also believe that my background as a music teacher and professional musician helps in this aspect. The violin maker who understands the client's problem and can take on the role as the client, can also meet the client at his own level and speak the same language as him.

S.V.I.T. Danielsson Klockar Källman Larsson Pullar Skog Norudde Stedman Wallmo Åslund