Astrid Pullar
Östersunds Fiolverkstad
Bergsgatan 29
S-832 41 Frösön, Sweden
Phone/Fax: +46-63-13 77 99

A good instrument shall be beautiful, have a nice tone and give the musician optimal possibilities of expression. I get more and more fascinated by all the different string instruments. They never stop catching my interest, just as music in many different forms fascinates me. It means that I am always learning more and more and thereby develop in my trade. Repairs and maintenance take most of my time today, this involves close client contacts which is stimulating when you work alone. I can help the musician with the further development of the instrument, of course always starting from the musician's way of playing, repertoire and personal taste. The job satisfaction is great when we are satisfied, both the client and I.

S.V.I.T. Danielsson Klockar Källman Larsson Pullar Skog Norudde Stedman Wallmo Åslund