Jan Larsson
Kyrkbyn 215, Asplunda
S-780 64 Lima, Sweden
Telefon +46280-310 90
Cellular +4676-8099577

Homepage: www.violinjanlarsson.se

A good violin? It should first of all be easy to play, you could say play-technically comfortable to the musician. But it should also stand both strong and light playing without losing that brilliance we all want. Musicians have different temperaments, as has music, but the tone's clarity must always be brought forward. Furthermore, it is obvious to me that the instrument shall be beautiful and have its own features and character. All these characteristics brought together, make up a good violin. As all colleagues, I want to build new instruments, but at the same time I realise that the versatility is developing. For this reason, my work is about repairing instruments and building new ones, most repairing. I confess that my enthusiasm for the aspects of the trade varies from time to time. What is most fun depends on the work situation at hand, therefore it is good if do not get stuck in just one aspect.

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