Claes-Göran Klockar
Blåsbogatan 2
S-722 15 Västerås, Sweden
Phone: +46-21-13 05 00

The instrument is the musician's tool, it is the starting point for my encounter with the musician. He or she therefore requires that the instrument, old or new, should function flawlessly. It is my job to pass on the knowledge about what to do and how to it for it to be at its best - of course it applies both to how well it plays and its tone. Otherwise, my work contains many kinds of satisfactions - to create an instrument with your own hands - an instrument that another person is going to love, to mend a broken instrument which the owner treasures, to learn something new every day. As a violin maker; the baroque instruments interest me. There you find the origin of our modern violin and to find the tone to music of that time is exciting. Why did I become a violin maker? Music lies in the family - musicians, music dealers, composers and instrument makers. My closest heritage comes from my father who was master piano repairer. Could you say that I am coined on music?

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