Peder Källman
Amiralitetsgatan 20
S-414 65 Göteborg
Phone: +46-31-14 24 03

It all begins with music which has been part of my world since my childhood. I began playing the violin at school and I am still playing, both classical music and folk music. Today I work in my workshop, both with repairs and building new instruments. It is mostly violins, violas and cellos - both in the modern and the baroque style. I see before me, a violin which is beautiful to the eye, quite simply. But it should also live up to the highly set requirements in quality, tone and sound. Another important feature, is how well it plays. In order to obtain this, team work between the violin maker and the musician is required. The violin maker can actually fix a personal adaptation of the instrument, whether it is new or old. In this way, the instrument may be an extension of the musician and express what he or she wants.

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