Jan Danielsson
S-830 15 Duved, Sweden
Phone: +46-647-230 14
E-mail: jandan@telia.com

I have been able to make my great interest into a profession, I dare say that it is a passion. As far as that goes, I know that I have done the right thing. Now I have to make a living out of it, and with my geographical location, it means that I have make a great effort. But I own a detached workshop which both gives space and harmony to work in, where other craftsmen are found in crowded cellars. I would much like to build baroque instruments, ?. They often have a beautifully worked exterior in accordance the taste of its time. Maybe I also have a preference to the bigger instruments of the stringed instrument family? When I build an instruments it shall live up to the requirements of the future owner - it shall be both a musical instrument and a work of art. That is how to judge a string instrument, I think.

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