Jan Åslund
Falu violinatelje
Daljunkaregatan 10
S-791 32 Falun, Sweden
Phone: +46-23-132 87

According to my opinion, a good string instrument shall have a beautiful, evenly carrying tone - but also express the builder's sense of style. In other words, good resonance and an artistic exterior. Of course it must be perfectly set up and adjusted. Furthermore, in our country, an instrument must stand the Scandinavian climate, which is an important, but often forgotten adaptation. With me the instruments can get continuos service, individual adjusting and setting up. When a musician orders a new instrument, I can satisfy specific requirements concerning both resonance and form. I have no speciality in the trade, and I do not wish to have one. Something I really appreciate with this work, is that it is full of nuances as well as the job requires both imagination and skill. Building new instruments of course involves new challenges, but that also applies to repair work. For this reason, I do not mind doing a bit of both.

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